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Big investment in team and online app


Donald Maciver

Major investment, a bigger team and a new product in development have been the highlights for MindGenius Ltd in 2015, writes co-founder Donald Maciver…

It’s been a big year for MindGenius in 2015, with lots happening behind the scenes. Our team doubled and we’ve been working on a new web-based application, which will launch in 2016.
MindGenius Web now gives you the chance to collaborate online, to work together anywhere, anytime and on any device. It also works with the desktop version. (Find out more about the software and how you can sign up to try it out when we launch the beta version).
We’ve attracted lots of talented people to join our software development and marketing departments and we’ve strengthened the executive management team. This all makes it possible for us to develop a new product, as well as create insightful, useful and engaging content to help our customers achieve more. That has all been possible because MindGenius co-founder Derek Jack and I have recently invested heavily in the company.
After 23 years building up the software company Gael Ltd, which developed the industry leading software for managing quality, safety and risk, we sold it to Ideagen Ltd in 2015. This freed up time and money to focus on other things and, yes, we could have found a beach to lie on, or a golf course to hack up, but really that was never going to happen.

We decided instead that it was time to put ourselves through the wringer again and invest heavily in MindGenius. Why? Because we both had an itch to scratch in terms with what could be achieved with the software. So much potential, so much benefit to individuals, teams, organisations and society.

It was also the time to work out where we currently were with MindGenius, where we could go with it and determine how best to get there – answering such questions is exactly what MindGenius helps us and other companies to do.

MindGenius was originally developed by Gael to help overcome real business pains and, ultimately, it helped to make the business become highly successful. We spun the software out of Gael to give other businesses the chance to see the same kinds of benefits.
MindGenius helps you to capture ideas and information, make sense of it all, bounce your ideas off others, prioritise and plan what you need to do to deliver. The software supports this way of working, and has helped us and our customers achieve more.
For example, everyone at Gael became immersed in a way of working that had them strategizing and planning, even though, in many cases, they weren’t aware they were doing so. As a result, across the organisation, we ended up making the right decisions, and with that came success, great careers and prosperity.
And that is exactly what other individuals, teams and organisations using MindGenius are experiencing. And we are excited to offer others the chance to see the same benefits, not just with the desktop application. You can be one of the first to get on board and try out the beta version of MindGenius Web, and enjoy even more prosperity by working collaboratively online.

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