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MindGenius Web is coming soon


MindGenius Web

We’ve developed a new web-based version of MindGenius to help you achieve more collaboratively. And we are giving people the chance to test it as part of our Beta Programme, before we commercially launch the application in Autumn 2016.
MindGenius Web complements the desktop version and will give you, your team and your organisation the ability to work collaboratively online.
It’s free to join the Beta Programme and try out the application early. All we ask is that participants provide feedback on the experience to help us make it even better. 
Because the application is web based, there is nothing to install, no upgrades to worry about and every couple of weeks you will have access to even more features and capabilities. All you need to do is log in from whatever internet browser you use on either a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. When the application officially launches you’ll be able to enjoy access with a monthly subscription.
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How does MindGenius Web compare with the desktop version?

While the web version won’t offer all the features of the desktop version from the outset, we have a clear roadmap for new features, and they are being added all the time. However, we don't foresee the need to replicate all the functionality in the desktop tool with the web tool and vice versa. A crucial enhancement for the web version is being able to collaborate, by sharing maps with others and providing the ability for individuals and teams to work remotely across multiple devices and locations.

What can we expect from MindGenius Web in the future?

The application will have, at its core, a visual mapping tool. However, we expect that it will ultimately become a workspace to manage conversations, actions, schedules and resources.

How do Web and Desktop work together?

At present you can easily import and export maps from web to desktop and vice versa, but in time this will be a more seamless experience.

Will MindGenius Web work with other applications?

One of the crucial functions of the software will be to integrate (or work with) other applications, such as the MS Office range of applications. While we plan to provide the capability to manage tasks from within the application, we will also provide two-way integration with popular online project management tools, such as Trello, to provide people with a choice in managing their work.

Will you continue to develop and support MindGenius Desktop?

With more than 600,000 users in more than 120 countries, we’re committed to helping all our customers get the most from our products, using whatever tools and devices they wish to use, which is why we’re so excited to launch MindGenius Web. So yes, MindGenius Desktop will continue to be one of our core products.

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